Have You Been Hurt In a Car Accident?

Have You Been Hurt In a Car Accident? Whiplash Treatment in Roseville

Hurt In A Car AccidentChiropractic has proven to be one of the best options for Whiplash Injuries. Chiropractors specialize in Musculo-Skeletal injuries and understand the Skeletal and Muscular System more than any discipline in the Medical Field. With years of Therapy, Manipulation and X-Ray study, the field of Chiropractic focuses on Spinal Rehabilitation. Additionally, Chiropractors are qualified Doctors, and are qualified to not only perform Spinal Manipulation, but they can also perform Physical Therapy.

To ensure that your injuries heal properly, we first begin with Skeletal Alignment care and Acute Tissue repair. After X-rays are taken and your condition is diagnosed, we use Spinal Manipulation(Adjustments) to restore Skeletal Alignment. With a Whiplash Injury, the vertebra and bones of your spine are misaligned and need to be put in place to make sure they heal properly. This is where Chiropractors really are the preferred specialists. With specific testing and X-Rays, we are able to determine exactly which bones are affected and what needs to be done to restore their alignment. Make no mistake, this healing process will not happen on its own or with any other form of treatment.

When addressing the soft tissue healing process, a variety of therapies should be utilized. In the short term, to minimize muscle spasms, swelling and pain, we use Therapeutic Ultrasound and Electrical Stimulation Therapy with Cryotherapy. This is a proven method of treating any type of Acute soft tissue injury. As the tissue heal, one very important factor to prevent, is the formation of scar tissue. Massage Therapy, when done Therapeutically, is a very important aspect in the prevention of scar tissue formation. Our Certified Massage Therapists are trained, and under direct Doctor supervision, in the co-management of patient cases.

As your healing progresses, a Spinal Rehabilitation Program is vital to your care. Doctor designed programs are utilized to properly rehab your injuries. This is one of the most important aspects of care and it ensures that you heal properly, and do not have issues arise in the future. Just like doing Physical Therapy after Knee Surgery, Spinal Rehabilitation works in the same manner by stressing flexibility and improving strength. Our Doctors and Therapist are trained for these specific type of injuries, and design a program for each individual patient.

Aside from the previous mentioned therapies, we also offer, Hydrotherapy, Ultrasound, and Neuromuscular Re-Education, when appropriate. Additionally, we work with numerous MD’s, Neurosurgeon’s and Orthopedic Surgeon’s when a referral is necessary.