Safest and Most Effective Treatment for Bulging and Herniated Discs

Our clinic located at Twin Creeks Health is a multidimensional health clinic specializing in non-drug treatments for both acute and chronic pain. We utilize traditional therapeutic modalities like massage, chiropractic, physical therapy and functional medicine, as necessary. Having the only Nationally Certified Non-Surgical Spinal Decompression Clinic in the Sacramento area, we offer Non-Surgical Spinal Decompression Technology known as the “DRX 9000“.


How do you get from this to this without back surgery? Downtime for recovery? Or tens of thousands of dollars? Non-Surgical Spinal Decompression Treatment CA.

What is Non-Surgical Spinal Decompression?

Canada’s former minister of health Dr. Allan Dyer (Inventor of the Cardiac Defibrillator) designed and developed Disc Decompression technology to be distinctly different from conventional traction tables.

The approach was based upon the “pumping mechanics of disc hydration” then devised to mimic the normal pumping action of a vertebral disc, thus restoring disc hydration and the negative pressure created within the disc to draw herniated and bulging discs back into their normal physiological position.  The rate of success approaches 90% for single disc herniations and bulges. With proven results, this application works to heal discs without painful and expensive back surgery!


The first and largest studies proving efficacy of non-surgical disc decompression was the data compiled by Gose, Naguszewski and Naguszewski (Vol 20, Neurological Research.) The Results Were Extraordinary !

778 patients from 22 medical centers had suffered from pain for an average of 40 months, 31 of them had previously undergone low back surgery (non-fusion). The treatment consisted of 10 to 20 treatment sessions. Treatment was so effective, 6 patients were excluded from the study because they improved before 10 treatments!



Before treatment, the pain scale being 0–5, the average pain for all subjects was 4.1                        After treatment it was 1.2—a difference of 71%!!!!

# of Patients             Pain Before              Pain After      % Successful                        # Saved from surgery 

195 multiple disc                 4.13                 1.18                             72%                             140

382 Single herniation         4.16                 1.09                             73%                             279

147 Degenerated disc          3.93                 1.13                             68%                             100 

92% reported significant improvement

Overall – 71% reported that their pain reduced significantly, avoided surgery and got out of pain!!

Who is a candidate?

Cervical or Lumbar Disc bulges, herniations and degeneration, with or without radiation.  Lumbar facet syndrome patients. Patients with previous spinal fusion surgery or sequestered discs are NOT candidates.

5 Reasons to call for a Complimentary consultation:

  • No charge MRI review
  • Financing available
  • Some insurance accepted
  • Every DRX program includes re-exams and comparative reports so you not only FEEL but SEE RESULTS on paper!
  • No down time & No recovery time
Clinic Director : Dr. Michael Putman DC, CFMP, Cerg:


Doctorate of Chiropractic, Life College of Chiropractic West, Hayward, CA, 1994, Summa Cum Laude, Class Valedictorian


University of California, Santa Cruz, Bachelor of Arts in Environmental Studies, 1984.

Post Graduate Certifications:  Functional Medicine, Postural Neurology, and Ergonomics. National Certification in Non-surgical Spinal Decompression, 2016, 2018


Roseville Disc Center at Twin Creeks Health 

584 North Sunrise Ave, Roseville CA                                                  916.781.2600

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