Our Chiropractic Philosophy

I often hear compliments from our patients about our staff; they usually say something to the effect “you have a wonderful staff, they are always so happy and attentive. It must be fun to work here”.

I love hearing this! It is truly the best compliment I could receive. It is not by accident that most of what our patients experience in our office is one of genuine caring, love, laughter and always putting our patients first. We have all made commitments to each other and to “the practice” to hold ourselves to the highest standards of service. But even more than that, we realize that we spend most of our waking hours at work. None of us want that time to be a burden; none of us want to wake in the morning and groan about having to go to work. We’ve made a conscious choice together and as individuals that we want our time at work to be fun, meaningful and impact the lives of those we encounter.

It might sound a bit corny, however the time we spend at work is a huge part of our life and we want it to be enjoyable. When we commit ourselves to the higher purpose of serving others with joy and embrace the philosophy of making our work meaningful and fun, then the little slights which hurt our egos and create discord in the work environment have little chance of taking root.

What does all this have to do with chiropractic and patient care? Everything!! In a health care culture that is dominated by insurance companies’ profitability and drug companies which dictate the conversation, the standard of care has become mechanistic. So doctors and their staff have become cold and distant. Research outcomes, which almost entirely focus on drugs, are the gold standard by which we evaluate treatment efficacy. We have forgotten that human beings are much more than a set of chemical reactions occurring in an organized manner.

I love it when someone (who is usually ignorant of chiropractic) says it is placebo – as if placebo means it doesn’t work. Placebo points to perception and the brains role in physical health. It reinforces the idea that thoughts and emotions can influence physiology in a positive (or negative way). Part of the reason that we at Twin Creeks Health are so effective at helping people get out of pain and get well is because we love them and care about them, we go out of our way and do whatever it takes to help them get healthy. You can call it placebo, however it is real and it lasts and it doesn’t have the dangerous long term side effects of all those pills the ridiculous pharmaceutical commercials are pushing.

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