Specialist Panel of Roseville Chiropractor Suggest Easy Exercise for Lower Back Pain Treatment

When you are dealing with lower back pain whether it is because you get hurt in a car accident,  or from the chronic discomfort of an old injury, the question always is, “how do I find relief?’  Most of us try patches, creams, pills and potions, anything that promises long lasting refuge from the pain. But usually there is more promise than actual benefit in these products. They are designed to reduce symptoms for short periods so that we can do our work, or just get through our day.  One of the best non-drug ways of improving lower back pain is through stretching. That is why the doctors at the Roseville Disc Center at Twin Creeks Health suggests that flexible stretching is one of the best ways to ease back pain and reduce the risk of another pain attack.

Specialist Panel of Roseville Chiropractor Suggest Easy Exercise for Lower Back Pain Treatment

Here is a simple exercise that you can involve in your daily routine every morning or evening without any equipment. Follow the exercise step by step and don’t stretch your body at once otherwise, it will give you more pain.

  1. Place an exercise mat on the floor to give your body support
  2. Begin by lying on the floor facing upside
  3. Extends your both arms upwards
  4. Turn ‘on’ your core muscles
  5. Lift your hips little upside and create a bridge like structure
  6. Your shoulders should be in alignment
  7. Slowly do this and return back to the start position
  8. Repeat the same lower back pain treatment exercise for 10 times slowly


Note: when you start the exercise don’t pull your body beyond your capabilities this may cause some cramping in the back of your thigh. Slowly do the exercises daily; stretch your arms and hip as far as you feel comfortable and you will soon see improvement. For best and quickest results search on the browser by typing best chiropractor near me so that you can stay free from your nagging, daily pain and leading to better overall health.

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