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A six week step by step program through the ChiroThin product line with appropriate supplementation included. This program is doctor supervised and includes weekly clinical visits with the onsite Nutritionist for guidance and accountability.

ChiroThin weight loss in Roseville CA is not a fad diet! It is based on and developed around the 4 “gold standards” of weight loss: dietary and behavioral modification, nutritional supplementation, and exercise (when appropriate). With ChiroThin, there are no nasty meal replacement shakes or bars, no prescription drugs, no stimulants, and no surgery! You eat real food purchased from your local grocery store.

Dietary & Nutrition Services Menu

  • Nutrition Consultation:

    For the patient wanting general nutrition or dietary questions answered or for the patient that would like to be directed toward the appropriate diet plan or program based on their nutritional goals and dietary needs.

  • Dietary/Nutrition Assessment:

    For the patient wanting a complete analysis of their current diet based on their diet history. A complete analysis will be done using Nutrition Maker Focus Software to give you a breakdown of daily calorie intake, macronutrient distribution and vitamin and mineral deficiencies and excess will be revealed.

  • Dietary/Maintenance Plan:

    Created based on patient's BMR (Basal Metabolic Rate), fitness goals and dietary needs. A complete 7 day meal plan is mapped out complete with food items listed for every meal and snack.

  • Detox Liver or Intestinal Cleanse:

    Step-by-step program through Apex Nutrition products (Clearvite & Repairvite) with consultation and support. All supplements included.

  • Weight Loss:

    A step-by-step program through the Chiro-Thin product line, complete with diet outline and appropriate supplementation included in the program.

Lose 20-35 Pounds In 6 Weeks In Roseville CA!

  • ChiroThin is a doctor supervised program

    All ChiroThin participants are pre-screened for complicating factors, poor prognostic indicators, and contraindications.

  • ChiroThin is not a “protein only” program

    We include complex carbohydrates to help improve muscular endurance, as well as prevent excessive ketosis, hyperuricemia, diuresis, electrolyte loss, and re-feeding edema.

  • ChiroThin is not a “low carb” program

    In fact, the average person consumes approximately 200gm of healthy complex carbohydrates per day while on ChiroThin. This is more than 2 times the amount of carbohydrates allowed for a program to be considered “low carb”. Also, this is well above the minimum requirement of 130gm of carbohydrates required by Type-1 diabetics.

  • ChiroThin provides a “re-feeding component”

    The ChiroThin patient is transitioned back to a normal healthy diet.

  • Detailed Instructions Are Provided

    All ChiroThin patients are provided with detailed instructions, guidelines, strategies, and tools to help increase the likelihood of long term weight loss success.

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