Chiropractic Testimonials

"Dr. Putman is simply the best I have come across in 40 years"

- Dominick S.

"Great folks and they do great chiropractic. I've been a patient there for 4 years. I went to 7 no-so-good chiropractors in Roseville when I move here, so I was delighted when I found Dr. Putman and Dr. Taylor."

- Lynn K.B.

"I love this place. I have been a client for a long time. The doctors are so professional and caring. Appointments are always worked into their busy schedule."

- Jeanne R.

"It's a happy place to be. Always warm and friendly as well as professional!"

- Sally S.

"Very good adjustments. Always feel better walking out than walking in. Everyone is very friendly and always ready to help"

- Ellen B.

"Staff were kind and explained what the procedures were prior to doing them. They listened to my concerns. I went in unable to walk correctly and left able to walk again without pain."

- Tara T.

"I had a neck and lower back injury from 2015 and have been receiving treatment the traditional medical route per my Healthcare provider. Whenever the pain grew worse the medications were increased or changed and I’d get a PT or acupuncture referral. The relief always felt temporary and my sleep kept getting worse with the ever present pain and always changing medications. This was the cycle and I never felt like I was improving but rather slowly getting worse and my mood reflected it. After 5 years, my lower back had gotten to a point where I was given 2 surgical options for fixing my herniated disc L4/L5. After my consult with the surgeon, a full recovery was definitely out of the question and there was a high probability I would need surgery in the future. I was not encouraged by the percentages but I was in so much pain, exhausted from not sleeping and desperate for some relief.

My wife wasn’t pleased with the surgery consult either and after some research she brought me into Twin Creeks Health. Dr. Putman recommended his comprehensive therapy which included adjustments, massage, lumbar decompression, cold laser and vitamin supplement for disc health.

After the first 6 lumbar decompression sessions, my improvements were obvious. I limped less, I could feel my left foot again and could sit down for longer periods of time. My mood was improving too. By 15 sessions, I didn’t need any nerve or pain prescription or OTC medications. I was able to sleep 6 hours straight compared to the 1.5 naps my body would allow before. I even started dreaming again.

Today I can confidently say I am a different person. I think about the broken man who came in and I wish I could tell him to come into Twin Creeks Health 5 years earlier. My body is still healing but my family is excited dad is getting back to his normal active and happy self. Thank you Dr. Putman, Dr. Taylor, Wendy, Tara, Katie, Chris, Heidi, Lesley, Mistee, Sierra and Allie at Twin Creeks Health! You all are outstanding at what you do, are a joy to be around and the positivity in the office is something I miss already! Thank you again for breaking me out of my shell and helping me get my body and life back!"

- Lynn D. K.

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