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Twin Creeks Health is proud to offer Softwave Therapy in Roseville CA courtesy of the Orthogold 100 by Tissue Regeneration Technologies. The Orthogold 100 creates extracorporeal acoustic waves (Called “SoftWave” ) that affect only damaged or pathological tissue to trigger a healing response including increasing blood supply and creation of new blood vessels, reducing inflammation, recruiting and activating endogenous stem cells, and increasing range of motion, mobility and reduction in pain!

Have You Struggled With Any Of These Conditions?

Neurologic / Autoimmune Diseases

  • Traumatic Brain Injury

  • Multiple Sclerosis

  • Rheumatoid Arthritis

  • Stroke

  • Crohn's Disease

  • Peripheral Neuropathy

Orthopedic Symptoms

  • Neck or Back Arthritis

  • Knee Problems

  • Hip Problems

  • Elbow & Hand Problems

  • Shoulder Problems

  • Foot Pain

  • Any Other Conditions For Which Stem Cell Injection Would Be Appropriate

There May Be Hope For You

Chiropractic Roseville CA SoftWave Device On Shoulder

TRT’s OrthoGold unit is patented and FDA 510(k) cleared. OrthoGold creates unfocused acoustic waves, known as SoftWaves®, which produce both positive and negative (Tensile) forces on cells. Our probe generates waves that affect cells within a two-inch diameter. Though all of the cells in this target area are exposed, only pathologic tissue reacts, which means that when these waves contact healthy tissue there is no effect, but when it contacts damaged or injured tissues the tissue reacts and the patient feels it and can identify where the injury is located.

Cells are used to being exposed to many forces, however, the combination of simultaneous positive and negative forces puts shearing forces on the cell membrane. The shearing forces momentarily make the membranes permeable while still keeping the cell intact. During this duration of permeability, certain proteins and, more importantly, small pieces of RNA are ejected from the cell into the surrounding tissue. These reactions recruit and activate our body’s own endogenous stem cells for tissue repair.

Neighboring cells sense this RNA release via cellular receptors known as toll-like receptor 3 (TLR3). These receptors are activated by RNA pieces released when nearby cells are damaged or die. SoftWave® treatment, however, triggers TLR3 without damaging cells but rather by just making cells’ membranes temporarily permeable. SoftWaves fool the body into thinking an injury has occurred, and we initiate the natural biologic process of repair. These reactions recruit and activate our body’s own endogenous stem cells for tissue repair.

Four to eight weeks after patients’ first SoftWave® treatment, we see up to a 400% increase in blood vessels (small, medium, and large). We also see a corresponding increase in permanent blood supply, which helps in fighting infections. Immediately following treatment, there is a reduction in pain, swelling, and inflammation.

Benefits Of SoftWave Technology In Roseville CA

  • No drugs, no surgeries, and no needles

  • Decreased inflammation and swellings

  • Improved blood circulation, releasing VEGF

  • Stimulation of your own stem cell production and migration within 10 weeks

  • Improvement in exosome circulation

  • Help with wound healing; has an anti-microbial effect

  • Improved mitochondrial function

  • Angiogenesis or neo-vascularization

  • Improvement of ejection fraction rates in cardio tissue after infarction or heart attack

  • Improved sexual health for both men and women

  • Restoration in range of motion and decrease in PAIN!

  • Accelerated healing in non-healing fractures in lower extremities

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